South Carolina man arrested and accused of sex crimes

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An alleged sex offender was ordered to remain in jail last Wednesday, Oct. 16. He was arrested on allegations that he was holding a woman in his home captive for a total of three months. Further allegations state that the South Carolina man assaulted her sexually on multiple times throughout the day. He was arrested and charged with sex crimes and other criminal violations a result of those allegations.

The man was refused bond during a hearing that took place during the afternoon of Oct. 16. Allegedly, the man utilized aggravated force to sexually abuse a 52-year-old victim as much as nine times per day. Allegedly, the woman was living with the man as his girlfriend.

Statements claim that the two of them broke up and then got back together. But the second time they were back together the abuse allegedly continued. Then, reports claim that the man kept the woman in his home and would not allow her to leave. Claims also state that the man forced the woman to consume Xanax pills to subdue her and put a dresser in front of her room at night so she could not escape.

The woman reported her alleged sexual and physical abuse to law enforcement officials on the morning of Oct. 15. The 52-year-old man was arrested later that afternoon. Individuals accused and arrested of sex crimes in South Carolina will have legal options available to them. Namely, they will be able to assert criminal defenses in court in order to defend themselves against the allegations and charges for which they have been arrested. In some cases, those accused of sex crimes can get certain or all of their charges dropped and/or achieve a reduction in punishment by agreeing to a plea bargain.

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