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September 2015 Archives

Execution of search warrants leads to several drug charges

In South Carolina and elsewhere, individuals who engage in illegal drug activities can find themselves in trouble. Activities such as possession, trafficking, selling or manufacturing of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and numerous other drugs can result in serious drug charges. A 33-year-old Seneca man was recently arrested by deputies from Oconee County amid drug accusations.

Fraudulent season ticket sales lead to Internet crimes charge

When times are tough, it is not uncommon for people to look for ways to make money. Jobs are not easy to come by, and some may resort to illegal actions in order to survive. The Internet offers an enormous platform with multiple ways to convince consumers to part with their money, hence the prevalence of Internet crimes.

Middle school teacher pleads guilty to child pornography charges

Following up on our June 2, 2015 post about a gym teacher ("South Carolina gym teacher faces child pornography charges"), the man recently pleaded guilty in federal court. The middle school teacher may be behind bars for between five and 20 years. He may also have to pay as much as $250,000 in fines, and be subjected to court-ordered supervision for the rest of his life. It is expected that he will be sentenced on the conviction for the child pornography charges within the next two to three months.