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October 2013 Archives

South Carolina father charged with DUI

A teenage girl was recently hit by a van at the hands of her father. The man has been accused of driving drunk at the time of the accident. He was charged with DUI along with other charges. He is being detained at a South Carolina county facility without bond.

Policeman arrested on sex offenses of sending explicit photos

The Internet is a perilous place to be chatting with young girls. A person takes a great risk in chatting online with an unknown girl from another state who may or may not be who she represents herself to be. A police officer in South Carolina has probably learned that lesson painfully well after being arrested for the sex offenses of sending explicit photos of himself to a teenage girl in Iowa.

Rockhill High School quarterback arrested on drug charges

For the average teenager, high school is a pretty exciting time. Life is filled with school sports and friends, topped with the occasional school-sponsored dance. Friday nights are generally spent at the football field, hopefully watching their team win. Unfortunately for one Rock Hill high school, the quarterback has recently been arrested on drug charges and will not be able to play.