Rockhill High School quarterback arrested on drug charges

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For the average teenager, high school is a pretty exciting time. Life is filled with school sports and friends, topped with the occasional school-sponsored dance. Friday nights are generally spent at the football field, hopefully watching their team win. Unfortunately for one Rock Hill high school, the quarterback has recently been arrested on drug charges and will not be able to play.

According to reports, school officials searched the 17-year-old while at school and found several packages of marijuana that they claim he intended to sale to his classmates. It is unclear what led to officials to suspect him or what sparked the search. It is also believed that he sold drugs to a classmate on campus earlier in the week, but there are few details on that alleged transaction. He was arrested before by the school resource officers school was dismissed for the day.

Police then obtained a warrant to search his house where they claim additional marijuana was found. The teenager now faces six different drug charges including possession and with the intent to distribute at a school and park. He is currently awaiting a bond hearing.

While most teenagers spend their last few years of high school trying to keep their grades up and spending time with their friends, this young man from Rock Hill has found himself fighting a battle against drug charges. When drugs are involved, most people forget that someone charged with a crime is considered innocent until proved otherwise. Prosecutors will have to prove that the teenager is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a guilty conviction.

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