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October 2015 Archives

Sex crimes: Accused boy's tongue recovered from crime scene

Victims of sexual assault will typically do whatever they can do to protect themselves against an attacker. A South Carolina woman who was allegedly overpowered by a stranger chose an unusual way of making sure the perpetrator could be identified later. Her plan worked and a teenager is now facing several charges in addition to sex crimes.

Child pornography charges filed after execution of search warrant

When an individual in South Carolina is charged with possession of child pornography, the accusations can have a devastating impact on his or her family and also on career aspirations. A potential conviction can cause even more severe ramifications. The most practical first step to take -- even before answering any questions from investigators -- is to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney with experience in this field of the law. Child pornography charges are serious, and an aggressive defense strategy may be required.

Bond denied for driver facing felony drunk driving charge

South Carolina drivers who are accused of DUI offenses typically require legal counsel from the outset. Having professional support throughout the proceedings may be invaluable, starting at the bond hearing. With no legal representation, those who are accused of drunk driving could unwittingly compromise their own cases during interrogations or interviews.

Man accused of criminal sexual conduct with a minor met online

Some criminal allegations have the ability to cause permanent damage to the accused person's reputation and life, even if the accusations ultimately turn out to be false. Accusations of criminal sexual conduct with a minor may cause irreparable damage to a person's life regardless of the outcome of litigation. A 21-year-old South Carolina man is facing such charges after his recent arrest.

Wife accuses husband's friend of sex crimes in her home

Accusations of sex crimes need to be handled carefully, as anything that is said to police or investigators can have an impact on the case. Claims of sexual assault or other sex crimes are often unfounded or exaggerated by the person filing the charge and require thorough investigation. A South Carolina man was recently arrested after his friend's wife filed a charge of sexual assault against him.