Clerk cited for South Carolina man driving under the influence

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Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol can get a driver in some serious trouble. This is especially true when there is an accident that occurs from driving under the influence. However, the driver is not the only person who can ultimately be charged with for something when it comes to an alcohol-related accident in South Carolina.

A store clerk was recently issued a citation for selling alcohol to an underage driver. Unfortunately, that underage driver was allegedly drinking before he got behind the wheel of his vehicle and wrecked it with a female passenger inside. It was not reported how the accident initially started, but it was determined that the vehicle plowed through the median and somehow went airborne. The car came to rest after slamming into a group of trees along the embankment on the opposite side of the road.

Tragically, the female passenger was critically injured in the accident and was reported to have been in a coma and on life support at a local hospital. The driver was arrested and is currently being held on a $100 thousand bond. The clerk who sold the driver the alcohol has been cited and will have to face a store review conducted by the Department of Revenue. He may also end up with additional criminal troubles if the girl does not live.

Since the store clerk allegedly did not check for the driver’s identification before he sold the alcohol, he could be charged with an offense for his unintentional contribution to the accident. It would benefit the South Carolina store clerk to obtain some sort of proper defense. While it was the other man who was driving under the influence when the accident occurred, the allegations of the clerk selling the underage driver the alcohol could come back to haunt him if he doesn’t fully understand his situation.

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