South Carolina citizens face drug charges after NET investigation

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Understandably, marijuana is a divisive topic in today’s media. The legalization of the drug is an ongoing debate, in politics and the public. However, it is still illegal in South Carolina. Anyone can face with drug charges for any type of direct association with the drug. Unfortunately, several individuals were recently arrested in relation to what authorities say were significant amounts of the contraband.

Narcotics Enforcement Team officers apparently spotted what they believed to be an outdoor marijuana garden outside of a residence during the first week in August. Investigators proceeded to search inside the house, where an indoor garden was apparently discovered as well. After a complete search of the house, the NET confiscated 20 marijuana plants, around four pounds of marijuana, and three guns. The estimated worth of all the marijuana confiscated from the house, according to authorities, was $20,000.

Three men and a woman were arrested in the process. They were all accused of several drug charges, including the manufacturing of marijuana and possession of drugs with the intent of selling them. Although all three men lived in the house, the woman was simply visiting the house. Nevertheless, she was still arrested and charged.

The current discussion of the legalization of marijuana may create a cloud of confusion around the selling and using of the drug. As these four individuals confront the criminal allegations against them, they will likely benefit by gaining an understanding of the laws they are accused of breaking. Moreover, the evidence which prosecutors intend to use in a South Carolina courtroom must be carefully reviewed to assess its validity and to prepare any appropriate challenges. In addition to defending themselves on the merits while protecting their considerable legal rights, each person also has the option of exploring plea negotiations with prosecutors in an attempt to achieve the most favorable results possible.

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