Robbing a bus or taxi driver can lead to multiple criminal charges

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It’s not unusual for bus operators or taxi drivers to work odd hours. A graveyard shift may not attract a lot of passengers, but the lack of potential eyewitnesses could embolden individuals to try and rob transportation operators.

Robbery is a serious criminal offense in South Carolina. Anyone caught robbing an operator of a motor vehicle for hire can expect to face multiple criminal charges. What are these charges and what are the penalties for conviction?

Robbery of transportation operators

Under South Carolina law, a person armed with a deadly weapon who robs another person engaged in their work as an operator of a motor vehicle for hire commits a felony crime. On conviction, the accused must serve up to 30 years of imprisonment – this sentence can’t be suspended nor can the court grant the person probation for the offense.

If a person who’s armed commits attempted robbery on a transportation operator instead, the offense is still a felony. However, they face a prison sentence of up to 20 years instead.

These are notably the same penalties issued to persons convicted of robbery with an armed weapon.

Additional charges

Persons robbing or attempting to rob a transportation operator with a firearm or knife may face a separate charge for possessing a deadly weapon during the commission of a violent crime. A conviction for this offense is an additional five years of mandatory imprisonment.

No matter how it’s committed, South Carolina treats all robbery offenses severely. A conviction for armed robbery will lead to decades of prison, thanks to multiple charges stacking on top of each other. If you face accusations, you’ll need to consider your options in court or face imprisonment. An attorney with experience handling violent crimes may be able to advise you of your defense options and work to protect your rights during the hearing of your case.


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