Woman killed in Rock Hill crash involving alleged drunk driver

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It can be tempting to get behind the wheel after a few drinks. You might feel like you haven’t had that much or know that you only have a short drive to make. However, South Carolina, like the rest of the U.S., is increasingly implementing harsh penalties for drinking and driving. The repercussions for driving under the influence can include imprisonment, heavy fines and counseling. A DUI conviction can also bear long-term implications, including loss of a driver’s license and difficulties finding employment. Criminal charges may even be upgraded to a felony count if another person has been injured or killed as the result of drunk driving.

In Rock Hill, a 22-year-old woman was killed in an auto accident allegedly involving an intoxicated driver. A 36-year-old woman rear-ended the vehicle of the younger driver while she was waiting at a traffic light. The 22-year-old was then pushed into traffic, where her car was struck a second time by a passing vehicle. According to the highway patrolman who responded to the scene, the allegedly intoxicated driver had a blood alcohol content of 0.20 percent. The legal limit is 0.08 percent.

The woman accused of causing the accident has been charged with felony drunk driving causing the death of the other driver, and she remains in jail without bond. She could face up to 25 years of imprisonment and a fine of more than $25,000. The woman has a previous DUI on her record from 2008, which could make her punishment greater than it would be for a first-time offender if she is convicted.

If you have been charged with a DUI, you need to know that the charges against you are quite serious. However, your situation is not insurmountable, and the court must handle your case individually and consider all factors involved. Understanding your rights and the legal process surrounding DUI charges can help you reach a suitable conclusion to your case.

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