Carolinas businessman charged with white collar crimes

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Drawing attention to his lavish lifestyle with his loud parties helped one North Carolina business owner get charged with multiple white collar crimes, including money laundering, health care fraud and tax fraud. Throwing the loud parties with many guests only served to irritate the other residents of the quiet neighborhood, which resulted in multiple complaints from his homeowners association.

These complaints are only responsible for some of the charges filed against the man or his wife. The businessman was not only known as the owner of a “party mansion” that charged admission fees to guests, but also the owner of a tax preparation company that allegedly conspired with tax filers to commit income tax fraud. Other individuals who worked at the tax preparation business are also facing charges.

Simply being investigated for such a crime can wreak havoc at work and with finances. It can affect relationships and impact the level of trust given by others. The penalties for these crimes can be stiff and have far-reaching effects not only in the present, but also well into the future. Careers can be lost, and educational pursuits can be hampered when criminal charges show up on a background check.

However, despite the fact that a conviction for a while collar crime can have serious consequences, presenting an effective defense is not out of the question. While this man chose to plead guilty to the charges — perhaps seeking a less harsh penalty — others may find that challenging the charges in court makes more sense for their situation. This is where a criminal defense attorney can be of invaluable assistance. If you are facing white collar crime charges in South Carolina, an attorney may be able to help you work out a favorable deal with prosecutors or build a strong defense to challenge the charges.

Source: WBTV News, “Owner of NC ‘party mansion’ guilty of tax and healthcare fraud,” April 14, 2014


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