South Carolina men face drug charges

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Three men in Richland County, South Carolina were recently arrested when police found a combination of guns, drugs and cash in their possession. Two of the men are in their twenties and the other man who was arrested is in his eighties. The charges filed against the men varied, but included possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of schedule III narcotics, unlawful alcohol sales and possession of a stolen firearm. The police acted in this case after getting tips from citizens who expressed concerns.

Among the cache police found were Xanax bars, 4 pounds of marijuana and 11 guns. The guns included a semi-automatic handgun, four rifles, two revolvers and four shotguns. The caliber semi-automatic gun is stolen. There is no further information in regards to the alcohol that is believed to have been sold by one of the suspects.

When property is searched, officers must have the authority to do so. This authority includes having your consent, there being probable cause or them having a warrant. When charges are filed, there can be a number of questions that arise in regard to how every step in the process was conducted. This is because everyone who is arrested or charged with a crime has specific rights that must be adhered to.

A South Carolina criminal defense attorney can help people who have been arrested or charged with crimes understand their rights. Such an attorney can explain any legal options that may be available. Every step of the way, legal representation can investigate, advise, explain and otherwise help the accused be fully informed. This allows the accused to be better able to make decisions regarding how to proceed.

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