South Carolina woman facing 10 years for embezzlement

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The prospect of facing any criminal charge in South Carolina is daunting. The accusations can tear families apart, destroy reputations and put untold stress on everyone involved. Regardless of guilt, the accused’s standing in the community can be irreparably damaged. Even with white collar crimes where no physical injury occurs – like embezzlement, fraud or breach of fiduciary trust – the repercussions can be devastating for the defendant.

That’s what one South Carolina woman is facing after being charged with embezzlement. The woman, a 53-year-old employee for the sheriff’s office in Greenwood County, is accused of pilfering money from her former employer. According to the allegations, from February 2008 to January 2013, the woman used the embezzled money to pay for personal items like hotel rooms, clothing and food.

The official charge is embezzlement of public funds more than $10,000. If convicted and given the maximum sentence, it would mean 10 years behind bars and a fine.

As this case demonstrates, the penalties for these type of crimes can be life-changing and severe. She may choose to plead guilty in the case to potentially avoid jail time or she may fight the charges and build a defense with her attorney.

If you stand accused of a white collar crime like this one, it’s critical to know that you do have options. Contacting a South Carolina attorney promptly may be your best way to ensure a more favorable outcome, protect your reputation and get your side of the story heard. He or she can help you construct and present a case clearly, succinctly and powerfully on your behalf.

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