South Carolina DUI incident involves business CEO

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The leader of a failed organic farming business has been held on DUI charges after authorities reportedly discovered an open alcohol container in his vehicle on July 11 during a stop on Highway 18. Details related to the DUI incident are limited, but the man is expected to be held until extradition to Tennessee can occur. At the time of the DUI detention, it was discovered that a Tennessee warrant was active in connection with the man’s reported failure to attend a court session related to a forgery case in that state.

The man is tied to a business that reportedly caused numerous Alabama farmers to invest in producing tomatoes. The claims that farmers would have the potential to earn thousands of dollars never came to fruition, and a judgement of $228,000 is outstanding against the man in connection with the business failure. He was also involved in a worm-producing business that was intended to help growers with soil needs as they produced tomatoes. This business apparently closed on July 7. The vehicle driven at the time of the DUI detention belonged to the worm business.

While an incident involving an open container of alcohol in a vehicle is serious, an individual may find that detention time is limited if their record is mostly free of such serious incidents. However, an outstanding warrant might complicate issues in simple cases. In this case, the activities in other states may result in some challenges as the man attempts to defend himself in different venues.

It may be helpful to coordinate with a criminal lawyer in cases to deal with different issues as needed. A lawyer may endeavor to coordinate legal activities in different states to minimize travel time and other challenges.

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