Bond determined for South Carolina woman in DUI accident

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A 45-year-old Manning woman’s bond has been set at $60,000 in connection with an Aug. 30 accident. The woman faces felony DUI charges in connection with the incident, which occurred as she reportedly drove east on SC 261 late at night. According to reports, the woman struck the rear of another vehicle that was moving in the same direction. The other vehicle then left the road and struck a tree.

A passenger in the second vehicle reportedly suffered serious injuries and was taken to an area hospital. The 34-year-old driver of that car died as a result of neck and chest injuries suffered in the incident. The woman was also taken to a medical facility, and she was later transported to a detention center where she was booked on two felony counts of DUI.

The woman was also charged with transporting alcohol in a container that had a broken seal. Reports did not reveal her blood alcohol content level when the accident occurred, nor did they specify the means used to identify her level of impairment.

A lawyer assisting a defendant in a similar incident might be interested in accident investigation results when evaluating possible criminal defense strategies. A lawyer could question BAC results if a method that was deemed unreliable was used to determine an alleged level of impairment. For instance, if test results were mishandled or if testing equipment was improperly maintained, it could lead to false positive readings. If that occurs, the charges could be dismissed or reduced. In some cases, plea deals may be appropriate based on the prior records of defendants.

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