Marijuana sales in South Carolina lead to seven-year sentence

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A Midlands-area business owner whom police took into custody in 2013 on drug-related charges recently received sentencing. Having entered a guilty plea in accordance with a plea deal, the man avoided some of the charges filed after law enforcement officers allegedly discovered more than 10 pounds of marijuana and other controlled substances inside his residence.

This case represents the second time the business owner has faced marijuana-related charges, authorities reported. The previous case stemmed from a traffic stop while he was driving from Texas to South Carolina, authorities reported. His vehicle, a truck, contained 44 pounds of marijuana hidden in the gas tank, according to officials. In that case too, prosecutors gave the business owner the opportunity to cooperate prior to sentencing, and he entered a guilty plea, authorities said.

On Dec. 12 , the man received sentencing for the more recent marijuana-trafficking charges. He was assessed a prison sentence of 10 years, reportedly. On account of the plea deal, charges associated with other controlled substances purportedly found in his home were dropped.

Cases involving drug trafficking charges are typically founded on physical evidence and prosecuted in an aggressive manner, yet accused individuals possess multiple options for a viable defense. A criminal defense attorney is essential for both exploring and exhausting these options. Cases containing improper conduct by police and civil rights violations may be exposed under the scrutiny of a defense lawyer, and this may result in reduced charges or a complete dismissal of the case. Sometimes, accused individuals may be spared of the most serious consequences associated with the drug charges they face by accepting a plea deal.


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