Police take 6 into custody after South Carolina drug bust

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Authorities say that six people were taken into custody after recovering marijuana and crack cocaine during a drug bust in Rembert on Dec. 5. Three male and two female suspects were charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of crack cocaine and manufacturing crack cocaine, among other charges. A 31-year-old male was facing a charge of possession of marijuana.

Police say that they recovered a rifle and a handgun in addition to three pounds of marijuana and crack cocaine at a home on 6700 block of Spring Hill Road. The marijuana had an estimated street value of $13,590 while the crack cocaine had a street value of $100. Authorities also recovered drug paraphernalia at the home. They say that an investigation is still ongoing, which could lead to further charges and others being taken into custody.

If an individual faces drug charges, he or she could be facing serious penalties. Someone could spend time in prison, spend time on probation and face a fine in addition to court costs and legal fees. Those who are facing criminal charges may wish to consult with a criminal defense attorney who may be able to help dispute the charges at trial.

It may also be possible to negotiate a plea agreement or have the charges thrown out before a trial begins. In the event that a plea agreement is reached, it may result in a defendant avoiding the most serious penalties or receiving less than the maximum penalty called for under the law. If a case is thrown out or a defendant is found not guilty, the defendant will likely escape all possible penalties related to a drug charge.

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