Man detained for allegedly evading state taxes

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According to reports, a 45-year-old Ladson man was arrested on Jan. 15 for allegedly evading taxes. The man reportedly turned himself in to investigators with the South Carolina Department of Revenue upon learning of the charges.

Investigators allege that the man did not file state tax returns from 2009 to 2013. His total earnings during the five-year period reportedly totaled $547,187. Authorities additionally alleged that the man claimed an exempt tax filing status on his workplace W-4, thus having little taxes withheld from his checks.

Investigators indicated they are currently cracking down on those in South Carolina who have failed to file their state income tax returns. Reportedly, in addition to the man, five Greenville County residents and six Richland County residents have been taken into police custody and charged thus far. The Ladson man is being held in custody pending resolution of his charges. His bail is currently set at $100,000.

Failing to file income tax returns as well as other types of white collar crimes can subject people to potentially harsh punishments in the event of conviction. If a person has not filed taxes with either the state or federal government, it is important for them to do so as soon as possible. People who have been charged may want to seek the help of a criminal defense attorney who accepts such cases. He or she may have greater familiarity with the tax laws of the state. By reviewing the evidence against their clients, the defense attorney may be able to identify legal defenses to the charges. He or she may also be able to negotiate favorable deals, such as payment of back taxes owed in exchange for a dismissal of charges.

Source: The Post and Courier, “Ladson man arrested on tax-evasion charges”, Melissa Boughton, Jan. 15, 2015


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