Driver faces DUI charges after smashing into trooper’s vehicle

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A man from a neighboring state was arrested in the early morning hours of a recent Monday. The South Carolina Highway Patrol reported that the 27-year-old man was traveling along SC 124 when he veered left and entered the median. His pickup truck smashed into the vehicle of a Pickens County deputy who was parked in the median. He is now facing DUI charges.

The deputy did not suffer life-threatening injuries, though he was transported to a hospital. He is reportedly expected to have a full recovery. The driver who allegedly caused the crash suffered no injuries. He was arrested, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and booked into a detention center.

No details were made available about when and how it was determined that this driver was operating his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Also, his blood alcohol percentage was not reported. The procedures used by officers to determine these facts may play an important role in any potential court proceedings. Drivers who are facing DUI charges may benefit from retaining the services of an experienced DUI defense attorney because convictions can result in significant penalties, financial and otherwise.

A South Carolina lawyer may choose to contest the DUI charges when the evidence suggests a lack of probable cause for the arrest and/or that any field sobriety tests obtained were improperly administered. Indeed, the totality of the arrest process will be examined to identify potential areas of legal challenge to address by motion before the criminal court. Whatever the circumstances of the arrest, an attorney will work to protect the legal rights of each client and seek the most favorable results possible.

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