York County man faces drug charges after 3-month investigation

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Following information that was provided by an unnamed source, the York County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit launched an investigation. The investigation ultimately led to the arrest of a South Carolina man who is now facing drug charges. The informant alleged that a man was dealing in illegal substances from his home. The investigation apparently continued for three months before action was taken.

During the course of the investigation, undercover investigators apparently managed to purchase cocaine from the suspected drug dealer. A search warrant was reportedly obtained, and while observing the man’s residence and waiting for the appropriate moment to execute the warrant, the suspect’s vehicle apparently arrived at the location. Investigators say they approached the man and searched the vehicle. An amount of cocaine and some hydrocodone pills were reportedly seized, along with some cash.

It was also determined that the man was driving on a suspended license. A search of his home followed, and investigators claimed to have found a plate with a residue of cocaine and some packaging materials, along with a digital scale. The man was reported to be a U.S. Postal worker but that there was no evidence indicating that the man’s job was part of the alleged drug crimes.

Although the investigators say they found illegal drugs in the man’s vehicle, the report indicates no drugs to have been found in his home. He was, however, accused of dealing from his residence. South Carolina residents who are facing drug charges may recognize the severity of the situation and the potential consequences. Most people accused of serious drug crimes call in the help of an experienced defense attorney to focus on protecting their rights and fight for a favorable result.

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