South Carolina man faces Internet solicitation of a minor charge

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A South Carolina man was recently arrested on charges related to sexual misconduct. It is alleged that the man used social media to solicit sex from a minor. Investigators reported that the accused man also used this means to send photos of a sexually explicit nature. He is now facing a felony charge of Internet solicitation of a minor.

The arrest was made by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force following a preliminary investigation. When a person is accused of such a crime, he or she may feel trapped and unsure of what is to come. Fear and uncertainty may move an accused person to agree to be questioned and interviewed by authorities. However, any defendant will remain innocent until proof of guilt is established in a court of law.

For that reason, accused individuals have the right to refuse interviews, and they have the right to retain the services of experienced criminal defense attorneys, who they can ask to be present during questioning. When the wrong things are said or done at that stage, a defendant’s case can be compromised. It is not uncommon for people who are confronted with allegations of sexual misconduct to react with remorse or fear and to sign statements without first obtaining legal counsel.

When an experienced South Carolina attorney takes on a case of Internet solicitation of a minor, he or she will investigate the allegations and plan a defense strategy. A lawyer will fight to protect the rights of the defendant and provide advocacy and defense to the best of his or her ability. An attorney can challenge the investigation procedures, the prosecution’s evidence, victim testimony and other aspects of the case.

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