Bond refused for alleged DUI driver after fatal accident

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When a South Carolina driver is accused of causing death and/or severe injuries to others in a car accident that occurred while he or she was impaired, the court usually shows no sympathy for the accused driver. Although any person is said to be innocent until proved guilty, this is often not the impression left by the manner in which the public and authorities treat such a person. A 42-year-old man was recently denied bond after a fatal crash in which he is suspected of DUI.

Accident investigators said a 32-year-old motorcycle rider with a 19-year-old-woman as the passenger was westbound on Highway 14 on a recent Tuesday afternoon. Reportedly, a 42-year-old pickup-truck driver who was heading in the same direction smashed into the motorcycle from behind, ejecting the rider. Unfortunately, the passenger was less fortunate as she, along with the motorcycle, was dragged underneath the truck for some distance.

The rider was hospitalized in a critical condition with injuries including multiple fractures and traumatic brain injuries. The passenger died at the accident scene. The pickup-truck driver allegedly refused a breath test at the accident scene, although the reports states that toxicology test results are pending. However, he was charged with two felony DUI charges for causing death and bodily injury.

This South Carolina pickup-truck driver has reportedly done the sensible thing and retained the services of an attorney. In such circumstances, an experienced criminal defense attorney can scrutinize the procedures used by officers to determine a client’s level of intoxication and also those followed during an arrest for DUI. A lawyer can advocate on behalf of an accused person throughout criminal proceedings and aim to achieve the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

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