Teacher needs DUI defense after allegedly knocking down officer

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When a resident of South Carolina is accused of driving while impaired, the consequences of a conviction can be devastating. Moreover, if the accused person holds a responsible position in the community, even DUI accusations without a conviction can have a life-changing impact. It is not uncommon for the court of public opinion to find a person guilty of drunk driving before the accused individual has even had the opportunity to present a defense in a court of law.

A geometry teacher at a high school in North Charleston is likely experiencing such prejudice after her recent arrest on a DUI charge. Court records indicate that the 24-year-old teacher was traveling on Interstate 26 when she allegedly knocked down a 32-year-old police officer who was making a traffic stop. The officer was hospitalized for treatment of serious injuries.

The teacher is now facing a felony drunk driving charge. According to a report issued by the Charleston County School District, the accused woman was put on administrative leave. No information was supplied about when and where it was determined that the woman was intoxicated, nor was her claimed blood alcohol level revealed.

Regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, she is already facing the consequences of the accusations. Facing such charges will likely leave any South Carolina individual vulnerable and in need of the support and guidance of an experienced DUI defense attorney. After assessing the details of the accident and the individual charges, a lawyer can work on a defense strategy designed to achieve an acceptable result under the circumstances.

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