White collar crimes: Doctor faces charge of bank fraud and more

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Residents of South Carolina may not realize that their legal rights start even before they are arrested. Any person who suspects that he or she is being investigated regarding accusations of white collar crimes is entitled to be proactive and seek legal counsel before formal charges are filed. A skilled attorney can prepare an individual for what to expect if an arrest takes place, and also focus on protecting the client’s rights from the onset.

A physician who is employed by a healthcare facility in Florence was arrested on a recent Monday morning. The Florence Police Department claims that the doctor made a false statement to report his bank account had been compromised. The 62-year-old doctor is said to have informed the bank that a substantial amount of funds had been removed from his personal account by someone other than himself.

The bank promptly refunded the money to the physician. However, police say an investigation revealed that the claimed fraudulent transactions were actually executed by the doctor himself. He was taken into custody, and he is now facing charges of filing false police reports and bank fraud. Within hours of his arrest, he was released on his own recognizance.

Defense against white collar crimes such as bank fraud charges in South Carolina typically depends on the particular allegations against the individual. A criminal defense attorney experienced in scrutinizing the paper trail of transactions can be of significant help to anyone accused of bank fraud. Based on the available evidence, the lawyer can prepare a defense designed to achieve the best possible outcome.

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