White collar crimes: Employee accused of forgery and conspiracy

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A 45-year-old South Carolina man who is employed as a codes enforcement officer by the city of Greenville is facing conspiracy charges. Sometimes, financial difficulties can cause employees in trusted positions to commit white collar crimes that could have devastating consequences. This man is accused of forging special event permits in exchange for payments.

Reportedly, an investigation was initiated when the office of the sheriff was informed that a fundraiser was scheduled to be held at an event center on Cedar Lane Road. Knowing that permission for events at which alcohol is served had been denied previously, investigators proceeded to the venue. Upon arrival, the venue’s owner presented investigators with a special event permit that was issued in the name of Fire Fighters United Inc.

The investigation continued, and it was determined that eight previous permits had been issued under the name of Fire Fighters United since 2014. Further investigation revealed that this company was a nonprofit entity that was registered in the real name of the codes enforcement officer. Reportedly, he was employed by the city under an assumed name. The charges against the employee include eight counts each of forgery and criminal conspiracy.

South Carolina residents who are accused of white collar crimes will likely focus on obtaining the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Having a seasoned lawyer on their side can be invaluable. After the lawyer has assessed the evidence held by the prosecution, he or she may launch an independent investigation of the arrest process and the underlying facts. Based on that, the attorney can form a strong defense strategy to contest the case against the prosecution.

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