South Carolina woman accused of credit card fraud

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After a collaboration between several South Carolina law enforcement agencies, a 26-year-old woman who is suspected of stealing other people’s credit card information was recently arrested outside a hotel in Richland County. She now faces 16 counts of credit card fraud, along with some charges for credit card theft in Kershaw County. Authorities said ongoing investigations in other cities and counties might result in additional charges being filed against the suspect.

The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office reports that complaints of fraudulent transactions on the debit cards of several people have been received from Safe Federal Credit Union and Mid-Carolina over several months. Allegedly, the woman illegally obtained credit card information from consumers in South Carolina and used it for purchases made both locally and in other states. By gathering information from surveillance material and social media sites, investigators managed to identify the woman who became the primary suspect.

A warrant for her arrest was obtained, and various agencies took part in a search to locate the woman. Authorities say they received a tip about the color and make of the suspect’s car, along with where it was located. Investigators went to a hotel mentioned by the informant and identified the vehicle. After arresting the woman outside the hotel, she was booked into a detention center in Kershaw County.

Any South Carolina resident who is arrested on charges of credit card fraud — or any other criminal charges — will benefit greatly from retaining the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can be present during all questioning or interview sessions with police. A lawyer can advocate for the accused individual from the onset and may prevent involuntary self-incrimination by the client. Any accused person will remain innocent until the prosecution has proved guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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