Alleged DUI driver accused of leaving fatal accident scene

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Facing criminal charges is never an enviable position in which to be. The consequences of a conviction on felony charges such as DUI can be severe, and if a fatal accident resulted, the penalties will be even more severe. However, before any conviction can take place in a South Carolina court, the prosecution must prove an accused person’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

A 31-year-old Conway man is facing charges of felony DUI after he was allegedly responsible for a fatal hit-and-run accident. The incident reportedly occurred on Highway 544 in Conway shortly after midnight on a recent Saturday morning. A 19-year-old man from another state was struck as he was attempting to cross the highway.

Officers from the Conway Police Department allege that the driver failed to stop at the scene after striking the pedestrian. However, he apparently returned to the scene while officers were investigating. After his arrest, the suspected hit-and-run driver was booked into a detention center. The South Carolina Highway Patrol and the Conway Police are still investigating the incident.

To ensure that his legal rights are protected and that he handles the legal proceedings in a manner that will not jeopardize his chances, this South Carolina man will likely focus on retaining the services of an experienced DUI defense attorney. Having skilled legal counsel from the onset can be beneficial. A lawyer will scrutinize the individual charges and the procedures used to establish probable cause for the arrest. Based on the available evidence, the attorney can decide on a defense strategy that will help obtain the best possible result.

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