Drug charges filed against school board member and companion

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When South Carolina residents face accusations of drug crimes, the consequences can be serious. However, not all drug charges lead to time behind bars. With competent legal counsel, and depending on the nature of the allegations, other options such as pre-trial intervention may be explored. This intervention program can clear an accused person’s record of drug offenses upon completion of community service, fee payments and counseling.

Not all cases qualify for alternative penalty programs. Two individuals were recently arrested on drug charges, and they may want to explore their defense options. Deputies in Lancaster reportedly noticed an erratic driver and pulled him off the road. They claim to have seen white powder in a metal tray along with an open beer bottle. This led to a search of the vehicle and the seizure of 24 grams of methamphetamine, almost 4 grams of what they suspected could be marijuana, other drug paraphernalia and a loaded shotgun.

The deputies arrested a 50-year-old Van Wyck resident who is a school board member in Lancaster County, and a 37-year-old Fort Mill woman. Reportedly, the incident took place on a recent Saturday morning. The two individuals now face charges of methamphetamine trafficking and drug paraphernalia possession.

The most appropriate step to take after an arrest on drug charges is typically to retain the services of a skilled South Carolina criminal defense attorney. An experienced lawyer will scrutinize the procedures used during the traffic stop and the arrest, along with the details of the charges. Any irregularities can be addressed in court. A seasoned attorney can pursue the possibility of an acquittal or conditional discharge; in all circumstances, he or she will focus on achieving the best possible results.

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