DUI charges may follow car chase in city in South Carolina

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An investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol is underway after an accident that occurred on a recent Sunday morning in Anderson. The local police officers say they noticed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, causing the officers to suspect DUI. They tried to pull the car off the road, but the driver allegedly led them on a chase through the city. The car ultimately crashed, ejecting the driver.

Reportedly, officers found the female driver lying in the road. They allege they could detect a strong alcohol smell emanating from the woman. They transported the 38-year-old woman who drove the car to a medical facility for treatment of her injuries. Police say she gave her consent for blood to be drawn. They sent the blood samples for testing to determine the level of alcohol that was in her blood at the time of the crash.

Reportedly, the investigative reports from the accident made no mention of the driver’s condition, and they filed no charges at the time. However, authorities said she might be charged with drunk driving and the failure to stop when ordered to do so by law enforcement. This driver will likely be exploring her options for a defense in the event of authorities filing charges.

Even if South Carolina residents only suspect DUI charges may be filed against them, they can consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn what to expect and what to do if charges are filed. Actions and utterances at the time of an arrest can be detrimental to a case, and having a skilled attorney present can protect the accused person’s rights. A lawyer can navigate any subsequent proceedings on behalf of the client and work on achieving the best possible outcome.

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