Man wanted on meth distribution charge in South Carolina

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There are varying degrees of drug charges, most of which can seriously alter a person’s life. Even if a resulting conviction does not result in jail time, it can have a very negative effect on the future. This can be especially true for a crime as serious as meth distribution. Residents of South Carolina who are suspected of drug crimes may find it beneficial to seek help in defending against the charges.

A South Carolina man was recently questioned by police about a stolen vehicle at a local gas station. They eventually let the man leave while they waited to view surveillance footage taken by the gas station. Allegedly, the footage shows him dumping a package containing meth into a nearby trash can. He is now being accused of meth distribution.

Police report that the man was picked up by others in another vehicle after being questioned. Witnesses also claim that the two individuals in that vehicle subsequently returned to the scene later that day to search the trash can. The wanted man did not return to the scene. Police are now searching for him, and have advised locals to contact them with any information on his whereabouts.

Video surveillance may be enough to initiate an investigation, but proving such charges through this method can be difficult. South Carolina residents who are accused of drug charges have the right to defend themselves. Speaking with an experienced criminal law attorney when facing a meth distribution charge can prove very useful. The attorney may be able to dispute the legitimacy of any surveillance footage and help defend against the charges.

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