Man in South Carolina facing charges for criminal sexual conduct

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Allegations for a sex-related crime can have a devastating impact on the life of an accused individual. Facing similar charges can often be stressful and intimidating, especially if the individual in question was recently arrested in relation to other criminal charges. A man in South Carolina may be experiencing similar challenges after he was recently accused of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to police, a call was received from a local medical center after a woman claimed that she was the recent victim of a sexual assault. She claims that the incident took place at her home, where a man allegedly held her down by her wrists throughout the incident. According to the pending charges, the man was allegedly in possession of a firearm at the time.

The man was taken into custody following an investigation into the event. He was recently released on bond in relation to other criminal charges that are reportedly still pending, and was apparently denied bond this time around. If convicted, he could face multiple disastrous consequences, including time behind bars, which can create numerous challenges with regards to the future.

Individuals who are accused of criminal sexual conduct will likely find it beneficial to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. A defense attorney in South Carolina can evaluate all evidence against a client, advise him or her of the possible consequences, and inform him or her of the best course of action with which to proceed. An accused individual might find this type of guidance and assistance crucial to obtaining the best overall outcome possible.

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