Traffic stop and search of home leads to drug trafficking charges

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Three individuals in South Carolina have recently been arrested and are now facing multiple drug-related charges following a traffic stop and subsequent search of a residence. All of the accused are facing drug possession charges, one of which was also accused of drug trafficking. A conviction for charges of this nature is severe, and all three might be preparing for the road ahead by focusing on their defense.

Police claim to have received information indicating the sale of drugs at a local residence. They assert that a man at the residence was wearing a GPS monitoring anklet and that he was recently involved in a traffic stop, during which he allegedly attempted to give a false name. He was subsequently arrested, and while in the back of a patrol car, allegedly began chewing on a ball of cocaine. He was taken to the hospital and then into custody a day later.

Authorities also claim to have located drugs and paraphernalia in the trunk of the car, and they arrested another individual as well. Following this incident, a search warrant was executed at his residence, which allegedly unearthed various types and amounts of narcotics. His girlfriend was reportedly present at the time of search and was taken into custody shortly after.

Drug trafficking and possession charges have severe consequences if a conviction is obtained. Those who are facing a similar situation often find the process to be stressful and intimidating, potentially sparking a need for assistance moving forward. By speaking with a defense attorney, a client in South Carolina can obtain guidance on how to pursue the most favorable outcome possible given the situation.

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