Have you warned your kids about campus drug pushers?

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A 2016 Charleston drug bust targeted current and former College of Charleston students who were dealing drugs around campus and in downtown bars. Not only were they selling drugs, they were also manufacturing them.

This is not a unique occurrence. Parents of college-bound students need to be aware of the realities of campus life, which might include the temptation of entering the local drug scene.

An affluent operation

The young 20-something members of the College of Charleston drug ring were operating out of million-dollar homes situated close to the college. They had a factory-grade press and were stamping out thousands of pills, such as Xanax and synthetic marijuana. They bought chemicals online from Chinese suppliers, cocaine from Georgia suppliers and marijuana from states like Colorado where use is legal. Business was not just good; it was great, and some members of the ring enjoyed statewide sales.

The fraternity connection

Evidently, fraternity members were key players in the ring. The leaders used pledges as drug runners. One witness said that with marijuana bags taped to their bodies, the pledges visited other students as drug couriers. There were systems in place to guard against drug raids, but these did not prevent the eventual drug bust, which featured the arrest of a former fraternity president.

What was found

A wide variety of items turned up during the drug probe by Charleston police. The catch included cocaine, marijuana, Ecstasy, LSD, Xanax powder for making thousands of pills and synthetic marijuana powder for making hundreds of thousands of pills. The police also confiscated four vehicles, seven guns and $214,161 in cash.

The next step

Even if you warn your college-age children about the dangers of campus drug pushers, temptation may still prevail. Your son or daughter may end up facing charges for possession or worse. At this time he or she will need legal help from a drug crime defense attorney who can conduct a thorough analysis of the circumstances to determine the best options available for an effective defense.


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