Illicit drugs seized at South Carolina home

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South Carolina residents might like to know about a Jonesville drugs bust that yielded thousands of pills and doses of illicit substances. Narcotics officers from the Union County Sheriff’s Office charged three people for drugs found in a home on Littlefield Road.

After an operative purchased ecstasy at said home, two people were charged with distribution of ecstasy on June 28. Authorities from the Trident Task Force came back to the house the next week with a search warrant. Deputies had to force their way into the home, and they seized 1,282 alprazolam pills, 1,055 ecstasy doses, 961 hydrocodone pills and 58 Klonopin pills. The authorities also took possession of $2,140 in cash, multiple firearms, plastic bags, digital scales and a small amount of marijuana.

A loaded Springfield 9mm pistol and a loaded .45 caliber pistol were reportedly close to the narcotics. A man found in the home’s back bedroom was detained. This person is said to be a felon who was out on bond after two counts of drunk driving. He was taken to the Union County Jail and faces charges for possession of a schedule III narcotic, trafficking schedule II and schedule IV narcotics, trafficking ecstasy and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.

In a case similar to the story above, someone suspected of possessing narcotics illegally could be charged with multiple felonies and face time in prison and fines. A case like this would likely be relatively serious as drug charges for distribution are typically more severe than charges against drug users. An attorney could help one fight charges or seek a plea for lesser charges. When the authorities enter a person’s home or vehicle and seize narcotics, an attorney’s first course of action might be determining whether a search and seizure was legal.


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