Penalties for felony armed robbery in South Carolina

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A person who is armed while committing a robbery in South Carolina will likely be charged with a felony. If convicted on the charge, that person could face a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. The maximum prison sentence for a felony armed robbery charge is 30 years. Furthermore, those who are convicted of this charge must be sent to prison as opposed to being put on probation or given a suspended sentence.

A person is considered to be armed if he or she committed a robbery with a gun, brass knuckles or a similar weapon. An individual may be considered armed if the perpetrator of the crime insinuated that he or she was armed during the commission of the crime. If the victim of the crime or anyone else present while it was committed believed that a perpetrator had a deadly weapon, the charge may still apply.

A person charged with attempted armed robbery will face a prison sentence of up to 20 years if a conviction is obtained. As with a robbery charge, a person is considered armed if a deadly weapon was used or if a person claimed to have a weapon that could be used. Those who are convicted of such a charge may be eligible for parole after seven years.

An individual who is convicted on a felony charge may face penalties such as a lengthy prison sentence. A conviction may also make it harder for parents to maintain relationships with their children or find work after being released. It may be worthwhile to consult an attorney to create defenses to the charge. It may be possible to argue that a person did not intend to commit robbery or was not armed when one took place.


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