Two nabbed in South Carolina drug bust

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On Jan. 11, two South Carolina residents were arrested following a drug raid in Berkeley County. The incident took place at the Simmons Park apartment complex on Daniel Island.

According to media reports, members of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit executed a search warrant at the apartment of a 47-year-old man. During the raid, deputies uncovered 500 grams of suspected marijuana plants, 61 e-cigarettes that tested positive for THC and 56 grams of suspected THC wax. Multiple gummy bears were also discovered, and they were sent to a police laboratory for testing.

The man was taken into custody and charged with multiple drug crimes, including possession with the intent to distribute. The manager of the apartment complex, a 40-year-old woman, was also taken into custody for allegedly attempting to obstruct the investigation. Both of the defendants were taken to the Hill Finklea Detention Center for processing.

In South Carolina, defendants convicted of these types of drug crimes often face lengthy prison sentences, steep fines and other harsh consequences. However, just because someone is facing drug possession or distribution charges does not mean they will automatically be convicted. A criminal defense attorney could examine the circumstances of a particular case and develop a strategy to combat the allegations. For example, in some cases it could be asserted that the defendant’s constitutional protections against unreasonable searches and seizures were violated. If successful, the evidence might be ruled inadmissible, leading in some cases to the dismissal of the charges.

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