Men charged after traffic stop yields drugs and guns

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A traffic stop in South Carolina led to two men being taken into custody and charged with multiple offenses. The stop was made at about 2 a.m. on April 23 in Kershaw County. After officers made contact with the 36-year-old driver of a Chevy Equinox, it was determined that he was driving on a suspended license. An officer also noted that there was a gun in the vehicle.

That would be one of three handguns that would be found in the vehicle. Another was found under the passenger seat where a 29-year-old man was sitting at the time of the traffic stop. It was stolen, and the man admitted to being the one in possession of that weapon. Marijuana, methamphetamine and pills were also discovered in the vehicle. As a result of the traffic stop and subsequent search of the Equinox, the driver was charged with unlawful carry of a firearm and unlawful possession of a firearm by a violent felon.

The passenger was charged with multiple drug offenses including possession of marijuana and trafficking methamphetamine. He also faces weapons charges including unlawful carrying of a pistol and being in possession of a stolen pistol. It is possible that they will both face federal firearm charges. The two men were taken to Kershaw County Detention Center where they were held awaiting a bond hearing.

Individuals who are facing drug charges may benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. Counsel may be able to create a defense to the allegations in an effort to help a person obtain a favorable outcome.


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