South Carolina authorities plan to extradite 2 murder suspects

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Police over the state line in Fayetteville, N.C., have captured two men suspected in the shooting death of a man in Myrtle Beach. The suspects, ages 27 and 29, are waiting in the Cumberland County jail without bail while authorities in South Carolina prepare extradition papers.

According to an investigation by the Horry County Police Department, the men appear to be involved in the homicide of a 42-year-old man that took place in the parking lot of an apartment complex called Bovardia Place. Residents of the community told police that they heard gunshots in the middle of the night. Early in the morning, a man found a body in the parking lot and informed the police. The police reported that the male victim’s head was covered in blood and he was on the ground next to a pickup truck. The vehicle’s engine was still running and two doors were open.

Police had been looking for the victim prior to his death because they wanted to question him about the disappearance of a man. Witnesses had last seen the missing man in the company of the murder victim at a sports bar on Andrews Road in Fayetteville.

Accusations of violent crimes could lead to serious consequences such as a felony conviction. A criminal defense attorney might take actions to protect an alleged offender from aggressive prosecution. Legal counsel could study the evidence cited against the defendant and offer an opinion about the strength of the case. This insight could form the foundation of a defense plan that might question the connections between a suspect and the evidence.


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