South Carolina man faces drug charges

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Both federal and state laws make the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and possession of certain drugs, such as cocaine and methamphetamine, a crime. Based on the facts at hand, a person who is found guilty on drug charges may have to face severe consequences. A convicted individual may have to face prison time, property forfeiture, mandatory participation in addiction treatment program, damage to his or her reputation, and a criminal record that can affect their life for years or decades to come.

A recent case may show just how problematic drug crime allegations can be. There, a 20-year-man from South Carolina was charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, as well as and trying to evade arrest by fleeing with a motor vehicle. He was also charged in connection to interference with an officer performing a duty and possession of a stolen vehicle.

According to the arrest warrant, the man was driving recklessly and caused an accident. The man was allegedly stopped by police for speeding. Reportedly, after the vehicle came to a halt, the man got out of it and ran on foot to avoid arrest. Police then allegedly found methamphetamine and some subcutaneous needles in the seized vehicle.

People convicted on drug charges may face a broad range of penalties at sentencing. Drug possession offenses are generally handled by state authorities. Based on a given state’s sentencing guidelines, courts may have discretion and can order sentences ranging from fines to years-long prison sentences. The punishments for drug possession can vary depending on the specific facts of an individual’s case. Hence, it is required that the person alleged of committing drug crimes be aware of the law. Guidance from an experienced professional may be helpful in presenting the case in one’s favor. It is important that a person who is arrested on drug charges knows how best to fight the allegations, which is why it is often beneficial to work closely with a skilled criminal defense attorney who knows how to spot prosecutorial weaknesses and exploit them to one’s advantage.


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