Woman faces additional drug charges after being freed on bond

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Despite being let out of jail after meth trafficking charges, a York County woman is facing additional drug charges in both South Carolina and North Carolina.

Drug officers in York County say they had pending warrants against Angelina Marie Rockholt in March and August of 2019, but that those warrants were handed out on top of the charges from North Carolina.

Arrested for narcotics trafficking in Rock Hill

According to news reports, Rockholt first was arrested by authorities in Rock Hill, South Carolina, when they found 140 grams of methamphetamine during a traffic stop. She was then let go on $25,000 bond according to county documents.

Found in North Carolina with numerous drugs and weapons

In August, Rockholt was arrested again at an extended stay motel in Charlotte. There, authorities found 474 grams of meth, Ecstasy and other narcotics. They also discovered more than $5000 in cash, several cellphones, 45 rounds of ammunition and five switchblades. She received nine drug charges.

Rockholt currently resides in York County jail and is under a $75,000 bond for the three pending trafficking charges served against her.

Multiple charges can create hardship

While everyone’s circumstances are different, a person with multiple drug charges can face various societal and financial challenges if found guilty. For those currently facing possession charges, an experienced criminal defense attorney in South Carolina could be the difference between a chance to start over and a conviction.


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