How bad are minor in possession charges?

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Underage drinking or drug possession is an offense and there are criminal statutes that punish minors who engage in such. Other laws in this category punish older individuals who are selling drugs and alcohol to minors. 

In such instances, you, as a minor, will also get charged for the possession and use of fake IDs. In many cases, the minors given get arrested for underage drinking, but they are adults before the law. In all states, the legal drinking age is 21 years. 

Punishment for underage drinking can take many forms. These may include payment of fines, serviced driver’s licenses, community services, and mandatory enrollment in education programs. Age is a crucial factor that determines the charge you will get. 

The judge will also need to know what other offenses you committed while intoxicated. Any illegal behavior you may have had in the past will come to light and will play a role in the length of your sentence. 

South Carolina Laws, charge minors in possession severely. Again, if you solicit an adult to buy you alcohol, and they do, both that adult and the clerk who sells the alcohol are guilty of providing minors with alcohol. Any adult with the knowledge that the minor is taking alcohol will be civilly liable for any crimes that may occur when the teenager is intoxicated. 

It is, therefore, crucial for you to wait until you are legally allowed to drink alcohol before you partake. Adults should also check carefully any identity cards issued to them before they sell alcohol to any customer. 


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