Doctor shopping for narcotics can be a chargeable offense

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No one ever plans to become addicted to prescription medication. However, as most people are aware, it happens far too often. Those residing in Southern states like South Carolina seem particularly susceptible to drug addiction.

Sometimes, addiction begins during one’s youth when they are experimenting with drugs and alcohol. In other cases, a person may become addicted to narcotics after suffering a serious injury and receiving a valid prescription.

The reason for an addiction matters less than you may think. What does matter is what you do after you develop a dependence on medications. If you fail to seek rehabilitation, you may find yourself doing things to obtain drugs that you would never have considered before your addiction. As you might expect, this can lead to one or more arrests on drug charges.

One way those dependent upon narcotics try to get drugs is through a practice called doctor shopping. It involves visiting multiple healthcare facilities to obtain new prescriptions. Unfortunately, it also typically involves breaking the law, although most do not realize they are doing so.

For example, deceiving medical personnel about your condition could lead to drug charges if you are discovered. Other forms of illegal doctor shopping include:

  • Lying to medical professionals by saying you have lost your meds or that someone has stolen them from you
  • Visiting multiple doctors or emergency rooms and presenting false information about yourself and your medical condition to obtain drugs
  • Faking physical symptoms of pain to one or several physicians to acquire as many prescriptions as possible

Most victims of addiction do not understand how their actions are illegal. Our lawyers have learned that these individuals would rather find a way to recover than go on living life as a drug addict. We urge anyone living like this to seek some form of assistance to overcome your problems.

If it is too late and you are already facing drug charges whether they involve doctor shopping or not, talk with a defense attorney about your options. When a lawyer is dedicated to you, he or she can help you find the right rehab program or perhaps have your case referred to a drug court, where you can get drug treatment and education in place of the harshest consequences.

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