Wrongfully convicted man released after 25 years 

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When someone is innocent of a crime but still is found guilty in court, it can take time to overturn that decision. Sometimes, many years of a person’s life are spent behind bars when they should never have been in that position.

A man in New Jersey spent over 25 years in prison for a murder that he did not commit, according to a news report from June 2. The man has now decided to file a lawsuit against local officials, the state and allegedly corrupt police officers that he said led to his imprisonment.

Today, the man is 49. He reported being convicted for murder in 1994 after a shooting that killed one and harmed another. He, along with three others, went to prison. Two of the others have already been exonerated in the last six years. 

A strong defense is needed whether the crime just happened or happened years ago

Whether a crime just occurred or you’re fighting charges from years ago, it is important to have a strong defense. Your defense attorney can help you fight to overturn an unfair conviction and help you prove your innocence. 

In this man’s case, his attorney was able to get his conviction vacated, and he was ordered released from the prison in 2020. His attorneys claim that the police officers involved in his case had planted evidence, falsified police reports and coerced witnesses into speaking against the man.

An attorney can help you fight back

It is unreasonable for people to be victimized by the police and poor prosecuting tactics. You deserve justice, and you have the right to fight to overturn an unfair conviction. 


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