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Rock Hill, SC, Attorney Christopher A. Wellborn Receives Champion of Justice Award from Nation's Criminal Defense Bar

Washington, DC (July 30, 2018) - Attorney Christopher A. Wellborn of Rock Hill, SC, received the Champion of Justice Legal Award from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) at the Association's Annual Meeting in Miami Beach, FL, on July 29.

Internet crimes may lead to student facing felony charges

Teenagers in South Carolina often get in to mischief; however, sometimes mischief tends to escalate into something much more serious that can have devastating consequences. A 17-year-old student of a high school in another state may be facing felony charges after causing mayhem on the computer network of a school district. Convictions for felony charges resulting from Internet crimes may mean juvenile detention or jail time, and convicted felons may be stripped of many rights, while a criminal record will likely be a haunting factor in the convicted individuals' professional and personal lives.

Identity theft and the Internet in South Carolina

Identity theft involves obtaining another person's personal identifying information, such as their Social Security number or personal identification numbers, in order to gain some type of benefit. In most cases, the information is used to obtain access to money by the person who commits it. Often, this crime occurs over the Internet, using fraudulent phishing emails and hacking in order to access data.

Cyberbullying is not always so clear cut

One of the new crimes getting a great deal of press in this Internet age in which we live is that of cyberbullying. The term refers to the act of bullying taking place in the cyber realm, or in other words, by means of the Internet. One of a number of Internet crimes, cyberbullying is serious, as is the accusation of being a cyberbully.

Alleged South Carolina prostitution ring busted through Internet

For South Carolina residents, the Internet is a useful way to conduct business, stay in touch with friends and family, and even enjoy games and videos. However, all Internet activity conducted on a computer can be monitored, and some pursuits are illegal and punishable under South Carolina law and even federal law. These Internet crimes can vary broadly, from cyber terrorism to phishing scams to computer fraud. Police can use all types of Internet activity to press criminal charges.

South Carolina fights to prevent Internet crimes against minors

With the many positive uses the widespread use of the Internet has created, there are also many negative uses. For example, there are many ways that persons can interact online to commit crimes having to do with an illegal exchange of goods. Internet crimes involving children are a particularly sensitive and very serious problem. This is why South Carolina's Attorney General is requesting more power to the state to combat child prostitution and sex trafficking over the Internet.

Sentence of nearly 16 years for man guilty of drug, weapon crimes

A court in Columbia sentenced a South Carolina man to nearly 16 years in prison, after the man pleaded guilty to numerous weapon and drug possession charges. Upon the completion of his sentence, the 32-year-old man will be placed on a five-year probationary period, when he will be supervised.

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