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South Carolina man sentenced for mortgage fraud after guilty plea

When times are tough, some people resort to criminal activities to keep food on the table. When times are booming, others seize the opportunities to grow financially, and the desire for being rich sometimes takes over. One South Carolina person who started off by taking advantage of the booming property market in the mid-2000s ended up committing mortgage fraud in pursuing riches.

Identity theft charges need professional help

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing criminal offenses in South Carolina and across the country. Traditionally, identity theft involved accusations of changing or falsifying documents, such as passports and other identity documents. The increased availability of computers and access to the internet, and the resulting growth in technology, has also resulted in many innocent people getting mixed up unknowingly in fraudulent schemes.

South Carolina man sentenced for wire fraud, money laundering

A man from South Carolina who faced federal charges for the role he played in a health care fraud scheme was recently sentenced after pleading guilty last November. The 53-year-old man was one of three people charged with defrauding over 17,000 individuals across the country. The charges against him included mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and health plan embezzlement.

Defending bank fraud charges needs skilled legal counsel

The laws related to bank fraud are continually re-defined by South Carolina legislators and the United States Congress. Individuals who are accused of bank fraud may need a skilled bank fraud defense attorney who is up-to-date on the ways in which state and federal courts interpret these laws. The law firm of Christopher A. Wellborn, P.A., in York County has more than 25 years of experience defending against bank fraud allegations.

Woman arrested for alleged embezzlement at insurance company

When South Carolina companies cannot account for missing assets or funds, they sometimes accuse employees of breach of trust or fiduciary duty. Embezzlement involves an employee who uses entrusted property or money for personal enrichment without authorization. An insurance company's accusations against a former employee led to her recent arrest.

Embezzlement charges filed against ex town clerk

A South Carolina woman has been accused of embezzling public funds over a period of more than 10 years. The charges against her followed an investigation by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division into suspected fraudulent activity and embezzlement by the 63-year-old clerk, who was employed by the town of Ward. According to investigators, the woman embezzled over $10,000 in public funds over a period from Jan. 2003 until the beginning of Aug. 2014.

What actions are classified as white collar crimes?

Accusations of fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and embezzlement are prevalent nationwide, including here in South Carolina. Charges of white collar crimes typically involve claims of financial gain achieved through deceit. Fraud can be committed in a number of different ways, one of which is securities fraud. It usually involves securities law violations, such as deceiving investors in stocks and commodity transactions based on false information, frequently resulting in losses for the investors. 

2 men indicted on mortgage fraud charges involving $23 million

Following a joint investigation by the FBI and the IRS, two South Carolina men were recently indicted under allegations of several white collar crimes. The federal charges against them include mortgage fraud and conspiracy to commit wire, bank and mail fraud. The alleged crimes are said to have involved over 70 properties and mortgage loans to the value of $45 million that ultimately resulted in losses exceeding $23 million.

Federal embezzlement charges filed against 2 in property business

Two South Carolina residents are facing federal charges related to alleged embezzlement of funds in their property management company. The accused individuals are the owner of the company -- a 48-year-old woman from Walterboro -- and the man in charge of the preparation and maintenance of the company's financial statements. He is 72 years old and resides in Hilton Head. It is alleged that the embezzlement from homeowner associations involved more than $3 million. 

South Carolina man pleads guilty to charges including mail fraud

A South Carolina man recently pleaded guilty in a federal court to charges related to a national health care fraud scheme. This man, along with three alleged co-conspirators from other states, was indicted on mail fraud charges in June 2013. The charges against the other three individuals are pending. These defendants will remain innocent until their guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt as an indictment is not evidence of guilt but only an allegation.

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